There are four key elements to craft your campaign, in step with your brand’s history

1. Basic visual

  • Managing the basic visuals
  • Verifying image consistency
  • Identifying technical constraints
  • Optimisation to prepare for large formats (posters, special formats, etc.)

2. Adaptation

  • Graphic design for page layout components (logo, product, image, address block, etc.)
  • Applying graphic guidelines
  • In the event of no set guidelines, graphic design of guidelines for special formats
  • Testing and staging special formats for client’s approval.

3. Execution

  • For the media:wide range of formats and media, in particular print, display, posters and special formats for billboards, vehicles, escalators, e-boards, etc.
  • For signage and decoration:special formats for shops, shop-in-shops, window displays and one-off events.

4. Media management

  • Using and managing your references tools for storing, archiving and distributing files.
  • Availability of history of visuals used
  • Productivity increase over the long-term for recurring requests (known media specifications, efficiency during changes in parameters such as visuals, address block, etc.)

Campaign management


TAG Heuer Campaign 2016. Campaign management worldwide with many variables: partners, ambassadors, products, etc. The guarantee of successful execution along with the absolute necessity of promoting diversity in keeping with the brand’s image.

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Execution of a large format billboard, an example of Images3’s capacity to work with challenging formats.

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Layouts adaptation


Chris Hemsworth, Ambassador for Tag Heuer worldwide and appearing in multiple advertisement formats produced by Images3. Our main goal: ensuring quality across all formats to protect the brand’s image.

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