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Images3's clients, all leading brands in their fields, pay close attention to the quality of their brand image.

Images3’s clients are demanding and passionate and share the same vision: they are looking to boost value in the production of their brand image. This added value is created through work, the proximity of services and use of technology.

Audemars Piguet

Images3 supports Audemars Piguet with its premium value-added publishing activities. Press kits for the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, presentation catalogues of the year's novelties, themed brochures such as the "Perpetual Calendar" and Audemars Piguet's Art Book celebrating the brand's support for Art Basel, Miami and Hong Kong. Additionally, Images3 ensures the preparation of a number of key visuals, complex retouching and colour management as part of the prepress process.

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TAG Heuer

Images3 contributes to distributing TAG Heuer's communication campaigns throughout the world. Our work consists of standardising different visuals and developing the range of standard formats in advertising (print and digital). Our second important task: producing POS (Point of Sale) visuals and shop layouts. In addition, Images3 manages TAG Heuer's Mediacenter for all projects in its charge.

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For Nespresso, Images3's task is image-focused: processing raw images, retouching, profiling and proofing of various products such as capsules, accessories, machines or certain elements for communication staging. Images3 is heavily involved in developing machine packaging, retouching, integrating graphic elements depending on the latest product and the country's unique requirements. This is followed by proofing and prepress preparation. Images3 also has access to Nespresso's image bank for projects it manages.

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Nestlé Worldwide entrusts Images3 with image preparation as part of its publications to investors. Images3 also organises the prepress of these publications before printing. The list includes: The Annual Review, the Corporate Governance Report and Nestlé in Society: Creating Shared Value and Meeting our Commitments.

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The Bobst Group entrusts Images3 with the production of its Annual Profile, including preparing key images throughout the year. These photos of highly complex machines tools are used particularly in its business documents during professional events such as DRUPA, for example. For the Annual Profile, Images3 prepares key images and their execution, organises the prepress process right up to finishing touches and file archiving.

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Les Ambassadeurs

A prestigious brand specialising in the distribution of luxury watchmaking and jewellery brands, "The leading House of Leading Names". Located in five breathtaking locations in Switzerland, Les Ambassadeurs communicates through the medium of its weekly magazine – L.A. Magazine -, dedicated exclusively to the luxury universe. Published in six languages, L.A. Magazine highlights the latest trends and creations of manufacturers and watchmakers. Images3 has been a long-time production partner for highly-refined image retouching and multilingual typesetting. Due to the increasing number of digital files, Images3 set up an online storage, sharing and secure archiving platform to manage these files, made up mostly of images.

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Terre des Hommes

Terre des hommes is the leading Swiss child relief agency. It operates in over 30 countries and intervenes to improve the daily life of millions of vulnerable children worldwide.

Images3 works with TDH for its essential publications: the annual rapport and the quarterly magazine 'Courage', including various fieldwork and fundraising projects. They frequently use Images3 for image processing and retouching, multilingual typesetting and contract proofing.

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Known for its editorial quality and elegance for over 15 years, Skippers Voile et Océan is the leading yachting magazine in Switzerland. The magazine has a rich and varied content, including ocean racing, cruises, nautical and environmental challenges, interviews, news items, records, lake regattas and traditional sailing ships.

Images3 has been Skippers' production partner from the very first editions. We provide image processing and retouching, ensuring that the page layout conforms with the magazine's brand identity and performing language typesetting for the six to eight annual editions of the prestigious magazine.

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Arnold & Son

A true 'manufacture' (a French term reserved exclusively for watch manufacturers who develop and produce their own movements in-house), renowned among connoisseurs for its myriad of inventions which became the foundation of modern mechanical watchmaking. Arnold and Son assert their English and maritime heritage to produce exceptional timepieces which are highly sought after by collectors. Consequently, Images3 is proud to create the annual general catalogue and its various versions. This ancestral brand frequently uses Images3 for its complex image retouching and typesetting.

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Family watchmaker for six generations and native of the Vallée de Joux, Lionel Meylan has two stores in Vevey and one at the summit of Glacier 3000. Sharing and imparting a passion for watchmaking and jewellery are the key objectives of Lionel Meylan and his two sons. This passion is conveyed by means of a luxury magazine dedicated to these two universes, Éloge. Images3 is the production agency for Éloge Magazine for all its image retouching and multilingual typesetting needs.

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De Bethune

Inspired by an ancestral history, between daring aesthetics and exceptional mechanics, the 'Manufacture' De Bethune made in Switzerland celebrates its values without paying attention to time. The pure style, smooth lines and refined cases are the product of the search for perfection and beauty in the contemporary expression of the watchmaker's art according to De Bethune.
This leading brand which is secretive in its production and renowned for its creations, chose Images3 as a production partner for its multilingual advertising campaigns and for publishing its catalogues and brand book. De Bethune uses Images3 for its image retouching, typesetting, certified proofing and language version services.

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Unicom, the University of Lausanne's communication department, collaborates with Images3 on a large range of projects: Uniscope, UNIL's campus magazine, is published ten times a year and is intended for the entire student community. Mémento, the UNIL's monthly event calendar, is inserted into the Uniscope magazine. Allez Savoir, the University of Lausanne's complimentary magazine, is intended to help the university gain external recognition. The annual report, in collaboration with the UNIL Rectorate.
With UNIL, Images3 focuses on its publications services: image retouching, certified proofing and format and language typesetting.

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Sports, travel and leisure combine in 30° Magazine, offering a genuine platform for adventure photos. To create this magazine with its acclaimed, flawless illustrations, a partner with an equal devotion to beautiful images was needed. As a result, Images3 has been in the picture since the very first editions, offering image processing and retouching and multilingual typesetting. 30° Magazine is published ten times a year in French and German.

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Since 2000, GMT (Great Magazine Timepieces), has asserted itself as THE leading luxury watchmaking magazine. Partnered with Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève and worldtempus.com, GMT Magazine, together with its big brother XXL, published every spring, is a key player in the watchmaking and jewellery scene in Switzerland and abroad. Their editorial line is 'watchmaking has a soul'.
Images3 is the ideal partner to bring this soul to life. Passionate about beautiful images, Images3 is responsible for image retouching, certified proofing and the multilingual typesetting of these prestigious magazines.

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Montreux Jazz Festival

The Montreux Jazz Festival has become much more than a music festival at the tip of Lake Geneva. The Montreux Jazz Café restaurant, the Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation and the Claude Nobs Foundation are gaining worldwide recognition. At the heart of these activities lies the festival itself and the promotion of its programme through the MJF magazine, including the famous yearly poster. Images3 actively participates in creating these two key elements through image retouching and multilingual typesetting. Preparing the poster image requires particular care due to its iconic status.

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Bilan Luxe

Bilan, the leading economic magazine in French-speaking Switzerland, publishes a special issue four times a year: Bilan Luxe. The areas of focus of this unique magazine include major trends in the luxury industry, unparalleled expertise and the players of this prolific magazine denoting a booming economic sector. Images3 is responsible for production: image retouching and typesetting for a magazine that is particularly well known for the quality of its illustrations.

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Fondation de l’Hermitage

Situated on the heights of Lausanne, this renowned museum is dedicated to fine arts from the Renaissance to present day. In addition, it presents two to three temporary exhibitions each year. The Foundation works with Images3 in this context to create promotional material for these temporary exhibitions: posters, tickets, leaflets/catalogues and various printed media. The work kicks off with intensive retouching of the images representing the exhibition. This meticulous work, a borrowed from the expertise and passion for beautiful images, is typeset into the various formats and then validated by a contract proof.

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The publication department of the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise uses Images3 for its publishing services, in particular for the annual report, a document published annually of high importance. In addition, it calls on Images3 for its internal publications and "products", including preparing images to be integrated into various formats. The collaboration also includes image retouching, certified proofing and typesetting.

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