Stunning images are our reason for being.
We obtained our image artisans status in 1993.

1. Reception-control

  • Brief with the Project manager
  • Quality control upon reception
  • Digitisation of physical documents
  • Feasibility analysis of the client’s request, taking into consideration the elements at hand

2. Basic retouching

  • Colourimetry profile parameters
  • Standard retouching of colours and structures to enhance the image
  • For groups of images, adjusting and retouching for balance

3. Complex retouching

  • Portrait retouching
  • Watch retouching
  • Landscape retouching
  • Integration, special montages
  • Optimisation for enlargement
  • Fine-tuning the light, shadow and atmosphere

4. Proofing

  • Comparing retouched images to ISO 12647-7 certified colour outputs
  • Testing on three types of paper, coated, uncoated and newsprint paper
  • The certified proof becomes the printing benchmark

5. Distribution

  • Preparing image files for their adaptation for future use in print and web formats
  • Project follow-up, advice and support, coordinating with printing companies and the media

6. Archiving

  • Defining metadata, nomenclature, repositories
  • Indexing and storing images to ensure permanent accessibility
  • Images made available via a DAM (Digital Asset Management) or Mediacenter


Complex and rich image retouching in particular in the domain of watchmaking. Our unerring goal: no discernible difference between of the “real” product and the photo

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Facial retouching

Facial expressions are essential for all communication. Particular care is taken in retouching the face, skin, eyes and hair.

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Cultural domain


In the cultural domain, the work consists of protecting and promoting artistic heritage. Source documents are scans of original photos and slides which must be reworked to extract the original meaning.

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