ISO-PSO quality process

A guarantee for our clients, A common language for the players in the production chain.

In April 2015, Images3 obtained the ISO-PSO (Process Standard Offset) certification.

The ISO-PSO certification ensures the successful performance of the entire production chain. Twelve different and complementary ISO standards come under the heading of the PSO and can be placed in three groups: production process improvement, personnel training, and finally implementation of a quality control system.

The certification is never permanently obtained, it requires a long-term commitment from everyone in the company.  As technology and needs evolve, the standards must also evolve in turn. For this reason, it is necessary to undertake the recertification process regularly.

The ISO-PSO certification is awarded by Ugra, the Swiss Center of Competence for Print and Media Technology. Ugra is also responsible for verifying compliance with ISO standards in the long term.

Quality process

In each of the four steps in its production chain, Images3 has implemented Quality Management ISO 12647-2 verifications to ensure the successful performance of its procedures. Images3’s quality process gives you an overall view of the progress of your project and relevant security measures.


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