We have always had one firm conviction. For strong value-added brand promotion, paper still has its place

1. Preparation

  • Brief and planning with various stakeholders
  • Providing you with our experience in project management and the technical nature of custom-publishing
  • Advice on optimising work processes
  • Adjusting work processes

2. Execution

  • Page layout in compliance with your artistic direction
  • Integrating different languages
  • Image retouching and optimisation
  • Technical parameters of a document: profile, overlap, colours, overprint, chromaticness, etc.
  • Follow-up of corrections
  • Proofing with testing on coated, uncoated or newsprint paper

3. Final touches

  • Document corrections according to the mode chosen by the client: by PDF, telephone or on-site with an operator
  • Final technical verification, once the publication is validated
  • Production of high-resolution PDFs
  • Coordinating with your printing company to meet ISO-PSO standards
  • Machine verification

4. Archiving

  • Production data stored in Images3’s secure formats
  • Indexing visuals for potential future use
  • As needed, files can be made available on different formats (posters, web, etc.)

Annuals reports


Essential documents for a company as a means to communicate with both investors and the professional community. Extreme care, rigour and precision are fundamental in producing these documents.

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Luxury publications, watchmaking


Images3 boasts significant experience in the domain of luxury publications. Expertise in complex retouching and colour management are sought-after skills in this domain

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Images3 has been involved in the domain of premium magazines in the past, ranging from culture, education to travel and lifestyle magazines.

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Art books


Who said the book would disappear? Certain sensations will never be lost: striking images, the feel of real paper and the weight of an elegant volume

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