Images3's DAM solution is a rich asset and organisational memory tool, helping you harvest more value from your digital files.

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Solution DAM

Three core services to streamline
your digital file management


  • Intelligent permission-based access ensuring a secure space
  • A local storage solution with a backup function, based in Switzerland
  • A central storage hub for all your media (images, text, videos)


  • Organise and catalogue your files according to your company’s modus operandi
  • A unique file repository accessible by the stakeholders you choose
  • Creation of a customizable metadata structure


  • File sharing with other players in your value chain: validation authorities, agencies, photographers, printing companies, the media, etc
  • Manage authorised users
  • File sharing via a link

Our DAM solution is for you

You are

Marketing and communication experts
Content producers
Product and service marketing professionals
tablette pour gérer un dam, par exemple.

Your needs

Multiple file management
All formats
File repository with a search engine function
File sharing and permission-based access
Central storage hub
24/7 Accessibility

Your desires

Driving your brand management and its visual expression
Getting more value from your content
An integrated, intuitive solution
Adaptable to your changing needs


Mobile friendly

Our DAM solution is compatible with mobiles

Adaptable metadata

Create your own structure in line with your business needs.


Link the system via connectors for Dropbox, WordPress and much more

Multi-channel communication

Centralise your content in a single system capable of distributing to any media device used to consume the content

We have a solution for you, a flexible and tailor-made solution for your unique needs.

Standard DAM solution


Read access
10 GB data
10 GB traffic

Standard DAM solution

Storage and archive space for all your files, including a search engine. The perfect solution for an integrated communications department or for content producers: agencies, photographers and various creative professions. Get started today with 10 GB of storage.

Regular DAM solution

on request

Read access
100 GB data
100 GB traffic
2 Administrators
Rights management

Regular DAM solution

Select add-ons to the Standard DAM Solution with more refined sharing, personalisation, customisation features and a storage capacity ranging from 10 GB to 100 GB.

Premium DAM solution

on request

Read access
100 GB data or more
100 GB traffic or more
Unlimited Administrators
Building your brand image
Personalised tags
Rights management

Premium DAM solution

An integrated state-of-the art solution with a myriad of sharing, workflow and online production features, plus the dedicated support of our technical teams. Storage capacity above 100 GB available.

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