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This is an essential step in the production process, covered by the ISO 12647-2 certification, Images3 specialises in proofing, offering security and flexibility.

Contract proof

We perform the calibrations and profiles in-house, giving us superior flexibility and guaranteeing quality.

This flexibility in defining profiles allows us to perform tests on almost all format types:

coated, uncoated, newsprint paper or other. The ISO 12647-2 certified proofs are used as the colour standards throughout production.

Tailored workflow

We create personalised workflows with our upstream and downstream partners (creative agencies, printing companies, the media) through our expertise, flexibility and excellence.

Calibration, profiling and proofing are demanding fields which involve cutting-edge technology. Images3 loves a challenge, supported by its R&D department to make the impossible possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a specific project.

Questions? Matthieu answers you!

Matthieu Csakodi - Project Manager

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